Elizabeth Zimmermann, DNP, MSN, RN, CHSE

Elizabeth Zimmerman


Email: etz5@case.edu

Phone: 216.368.6330


Instructor in the School of Nursing

Education Interests

  • Experiential Learning’s Effect on Clinical Behaviors
  • QSEN Competencies: Safety & Patient Centered Care
  • Health Care within the Pediatric Population

Educational Background

  • DNP, Case Western Reserve University
  • MSN, University of Illinois
  • ADN, Joliet Community College
  • BS, Eastern Michigan University

Recent Publications

  • Zimmermann, E., DiMarco,M. & Bieda, A. (Content Eds.) ( 2018). In Alfes, C.M., J.J.Fitzpatrick, & Hickman,R. Handbook of clinical nursing: Pediatric and neonatal nursing. New York, NY: Springer Publishing.
  • Zimmermann, E. & DiMarco, M. (Content Ed). ( 2018). Pediatric nursing care. In J.J.Fitzpatrick, C.M.Alfes, & R. Hickman (Eds). A guide to mastery in clinical nursing.New York, NY: Springer Publishing.
  • Kennely, I. L. & Zimmermann, E. (2017) Opportunities to educate student nurses on the importance of PPE: An ebola simulation exercise. Prevention Strategist. 10(3) Arlington, VA: APIC.org
  • Zimmermann, E. (2014) The effect of a hybrid simulation on BSN student nurses’ pediatric clinical practice.(Unpublished Doctor of Nursing Practice manuscript). Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing. Case Western Reserve University. Cleveland, OH.
  • Hood. E. &  Zimmermann, B.T.  (2013) Abdominal wall defects. In Browne, N.T., Flanigan, L.M.,  McComiskey, C.A., & Pieper, P.(Eds.), Nursing care of the general pediatric surgery patient (third ed., pp 277-294) Burlington, MA:  Jones & Bartlette Learning.
  • Zimmermann, B.T., (2007). Abdominal wall defects. In Browne, N.T., Flanigan, L.M., McComiskey, C.A. & Piper, P. (Eds.), Nursing care of the general pediatric surgery patient.(second ed., pp 261-271) Sudbury, MA:  Jones & Bartlette.
  • Zimmermann, B.T.,(2000). Abdominal wall defects. In Wise,B.,McKenna,C.,& Garvin,G. (Eds.),Nursing care of the general pediatric surgery patient (first ed., pp 209-218). Gaithersburgh, MD: Aspen.

Accreditations and awards:

  • 2016: Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator
  • 2014: Innovation Award: Enhancing Simulation Utilization through Collaboration, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
  • 2013-2014: NLN-Jonas Scholar
  • 2010: Founder’s Award, American Pediatric Surgical Nurses Association
  • 1993: Sigma Theta Tau International