Bachelor of Nursing Science (BSN)

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In the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, you will discover a rich academic experience that combines a foundation in theory and practice with hands-on learning and leadership development in real­-world health care settings. You also get the benefit of being a part of the greater undergraduate community at Case Western Reserve University. Undergraduate students interested in nursing apply through the Office of Undergraduate Admission and are accepted to the university.

BSN Program Highlights

  • direct admission to the nursing program
  • nursing classes begin in your first semester
  • clinical placements start the first month of your first year—the earliest of any program in the nation
  • earn 1,300+ clinical hours
  • discover the operating room in the nation’s first perioperative nursing required course
  • NCLEX pass rate for RN licensure above the national average
  • enjoy the full undergraduate experience with a broad range of activities—from varsity and intramural sports to Greek life to the arts
 BSN Policy Change

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BSN Program Contacts

Program Director:

Amy Bieda, PhD, APRN, PNP­-NC, NNP-­BC

Assistant Director:

Beverly Capper, MSN, RNC-NIC

Department Assistant:

Patricia Flynn

CWRU Admissions:

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