Tri-C Student Immersion into Flight Nursing and Disaster Management

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Students will experience the exciting nursing specialty of air medical transport through lectures/activities focused on the austere environment of flight. The career is challenging and requires knowledge and advanced skills not typically found in a nursing program. Our annual flight camp is a week long summer event focused on lecture topics and skill stations that help students prepare for careers in flight. Please take some time and watch following lectures from flight camp this past summer.

2016 Flight Camp Video Series

Day One: Intro

OB Emergencies

Compartment Syndrome & Malignant Hyperthermia

Trauma Assessment and Mass Causality Triage

Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies

Surgical Emergencies

Penetrating Trauma

Day Two

Epidemiology Update

ARDS & Mechanical Ventilation

Shock & Infectious Disease

Radiology Interpretation

Day Three

Pediatric Trauma

Acute Coronary Syndrome/Aortic Dissection

Heart Failure

Neurological Trauma/Stroke

Ultrasound Lecture

Day Four

Flight Physiology

Flight Safety/CRM

Crash Survivor Story

Landing Zone Setup/Operations

Flight Program Contacts

Simulation + Training Coordinator:

Celeste M. Alfes, DNP, MSN, RN, CNE

Research Coordinator:

Andrew P. Reimer, PhD, RN

Education Questions:

Anne Watson
MSN Department Assistant

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