Practice Change Implementation


School of Nursing

Mary Dolansky, PhD, RN
Associate Professor of Nursing

Joachim Voss, PhD, ACRN, FAAN
Professor, Director of the Hirsh Center

NURS 412
1 Credit Hour (.5 Didactic and .5 Clinical)

July 5-31, 2017

Limited to 24 participants

Hirsh QSEN certificate
 Description of Course

Participate in a graduate style class and learn about evidence-based practice implementation and quality improvement methods to facilitate effective management of practice change.

Students will define quality and safety problems in the healthcare system in which they work and then plan for a change. The course covers issues related to evidence-based practice, teamwork, systems science, change management, and data analytics.

NURS 412 can be counted as an elective for either the MSN or DNP Program.

 Course Registration

CWRU Students:
Register through SIS

Non-degree Students:
Contact Judy Weiss, FPB Registrar at 216.368.2183

  Module Date Content Focus
Week 1
In class
June 5

Leadership & Interprofessional Teams

Week 2
June 12-18

Overview of Healthcare Quality

Linking Evidence to the Problem
Week 3
June 19-25 Understanding the System
Stakeholders & Readiness
Week 4
In class
June 26 Group Review/Reflection
Week 5
July 3-9 Specific Aim & Timeline
Week 6
July 10-16 Data Variation and Control Charts
Change Strategies
Week 7
In class
July 17 Group Review/Reflection
Week 8
July 24-30 Implementing and Spreading Change
Leading Change
Week 9
In class
July 31 Storyboard Presentations