Acute Care NP Flight Nursing Specialty

Flight helicopter transport

ACNP flight nurse specialists use air medical transport services to provide hospital-­quality acute care to patients in unstructured environments.

Students in the ACNP flight nursing specialty participate in a community outreach program that includes an annual Summer Camp. They also are involved in research to help develop the evidence base for advanced nursing practice in air medical services. At the completion of this program, students are prepared to sit for both certification as flight nurse specialist and as an ACNP. One year of acute care nursing experience is required before beginning the program.

The following courses must be taken in addition to the basic Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP) program to complete the flight nurse concentration.

Course IDCourse TitleCredits
NURS 406 Flight Nursing Clinical Seminar I 1
NURS 404 Emergent Care of Children 2
NURS 407 Flight Nursing Clinical Seminar II 1
NURS 523 Advanced Internship in Flight Nursing 1-5

Flight Program Contacts

Simulation + Training Coordinator:

Celeste M. Alfes, DNP, MSN, RN, CNE

Research Coordinator:

Andrew P. Reimer, PhD, RN

Education Questions:

Anne Watson
MSN Department Assistant

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